Eco Friendly Cleaning with a focus on detail.

We go above and beyond what the typical house/office cleaning company can offer. Every cleaning we do is a deep cleaning. We clean each room from top to bottom, starting with cob webs and ending with baseboards and floors. We are happy to customize our service to fit your needs. If you have a special request, just let us know!


Every Room:

· Remove cobwebs

· Dust (lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves, picture frames, etc.)

· Clean doors, including panels and trimwork

· Clean switch-plates

· Clean baseboards (where accessible)

· Clean sliding glass doors & french doors (inside)

· Vacuum

· Mop (hard floors)

· Leave each room smelling great!



· Clean counters, cabinet exteriors, appliance exteriors, table and chairs

· Clean sinks, faucets, knobs and drain openings

· Clean countertops and backsplashes

· Clean the range top, microwave oven exterior, refrigerator top and exterior (microwave interior is optional)

· Vacuum

· Mop



· Clean showers, bathtubs and sinks

· Clean toilets

· Clean Vanity (cabinet exteriors)

· Clean mirrors

· Polish chrome

· Vacuum

· Mop


Additional services available upon request

requires additional time which may cost more:

· Refrigerator cleaning (interior)

· Interior microwave oven cleaning

· Window cleaning (interior & exterior) & window tracks

· Wall washing

· Cabinet cleaning (interior)

· Light fixture cleaning (where accessible)

· Clean shutter style blinds


Move-in / Move-out Service

(assumes there is no furniture in the home and everything is easily accessible)

Includes all of the above regular services plus:

· Deeper cleaning of every room (because the full room is accessible)

· Clean baseboards (all are accessible)

· Window cleaning (interior) & window tracks

· Cabinet cleaning (interior and exterior)

· Closet cleaning

· Clean ceiling fans

· Clean light fixtures (where accessible)

· Clean major appliances (excluding oven interior & dishwasher interior)